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Due to some problems with the server, we have to revert back here for the time being! Recently we have been posting some updates regarding the rocking horse, fac head elections, etc. (but i assume most didn't see it due to the server error!) So for now, fac updates will be posted here!

Anyway, faculty head elections are in 3 hours! Nominees are: Wong Yang Cheng, Jeff Tan, Lee Ying Lin and Oswald Yeo. Do give them your fullest support later!

And look out for updates on the results tonight/tomorrow! (:

Okay off to my next lesson!

Love to the moon and back,

We have shifted!

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The new Ares faculty blog is now located at

Please relink! :D

Ares Faculty Committee 09/10


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Dear ARES,


Its that time of the year again, when we put our heads together to attempt to best the rest on stage. This years DRAMAFESTE theme is "Fault Lines", and we're calling out for enthusiastic Aresians to send in scripts, or even just preliminary ideas to be further built upon!

Please send all script submissions or any suggestions to (Max Fu) or (Daniel Soo), by Monday 25th Jan 2010. A mystery prize awaits the person whose idea is adopted this year!!!!!!! ;)

Lotsa Love,

Ares Fac Comm 09/10

HAPPY 2010!

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2009 and the times spent with Ares will definitely be treasured. & the fac comm would like to thank everyone for being a part of this awesome red hot year! Here are some of the highlights:

1. Wow-ing the crowd at POP 2009 with our fac dance! (Special thanks to Chong Tee & Chit)
2. Making our presence felt and claiming the title at War Games 2009!
3. Coming together to organise a fun fair for a good cause (:
4. Dramafeste!
5. Ares Faculty Outing- Zzz
6. Cheering our hearts out at CSM
7. Faculty Breakfast 09
8. Winning the Festival of Sports 2009!
9. Space Bar 2009!

Of course there were many other small but equally awesome things that happened in between, like the first issue of RAW (our publication), the just for laughs video, pre-exam encouragement video, and our numerous EC-Meet-Fac sessions together. We enjoyed every minute of it; both the UPS that brought smiles to our faces and even the slight DOWNS that will only make us stronger.

Thanks for the memories, and we look forward to a great 2010 as one red, hot and rocking faculty!

love to the moon & back,
Ares Fac Comm 09/10


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Hey ARES!!!

We hope your holidays have been enjoyable for you, there’s less than 1 more month of holidays left so be sure to get outside and have your last bit of fun before we get back to mugging for our tests and exams :(

Anyway, here’s the much anticipated blog post about SPACEBAR 2009!

The 14th of November was a truly memorable day for all Aresians. We gathered at the O’ Learys sports bar & grill for a night filled with fun, joy and laughter. There were many exciting performances by our talented Aresians, as well as games to keep us entertained throughout the night.

Here’s a quick recap of the night:

Light stick-sabers

Derek, Liu yi and Nicolea :D:D:D

Derek serenading the crowd

Preston and Kairen flying everyone to the moon with their awesome rendition of the classic :D

Fac babe shows us how its done

Chia ling the beatbox master

Beatbox master with his sick beats

MAD HipHop flaunting their talent

MAD Bboy with their sleek moves and cool flips

Hao Jie act cute

Food-eating competition!!

Lol this picture is dam funny

Fac Heads Performance!!


Spacebar 2009 was a great success, and we owe our thanks to the following people:

O’ Learys Bar & Grill, for providing us with such a beautiful place to hold our event

Harvey, the sound system dude who provided us with a cheap and good sound system for the event

Faculty teachers, for providing us with invaluable guidance and vetting our proposals one after another

Councillors, for helping us setup and clean up :D (thanks harrison we owe you one)

Faculty committee, for putting in their blood, sweat and tears into making this outing possible

Our greatest thanks goes out to everyone out there who attended SPACEBAR 2009, for all our effort would have gone to waste without you.

We will continue to upload pictures of SPACEBAR 2009 on the blog, so feel free to approach any fac comm member if you happen to have any pictures to share with the faculty.

As andrea always says, love to the moon and back,

Ares fac comm 09/10

Behind the Scenes of Space Bar 2009

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hope your hols have been restful/eventful/meaningful/fruitful (:

here's a sneak peak at the months of planning for Space Bar.


Ares Fac Comm 09/10


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it's just ONE DAY (!!!) before our much anticipated faculty event!
Just to recap, here are the details:

Event: Space Bar 2009
Venue: O'Leary's Bar and Grill 30 Raffles Avenue #01-04 Singapore Flyer
Time: 7pm-10pm++
Ticket Price: $10 (If you haven't bought one, fret not! Some tickets will be sold at the door)

Due to road diversions and road closures, some bus services and roads near our venue might be affected. These bus services are: 75, 77, 106, 171, 700, 700A, 857, 960 (SMRT) and 10, 36,57, 70, 70M, 97, 111, 133, 162M, 196, 502, 518 (SBS)

Do refer to SMRT and SBS websites for more information.

However, there is still access to the Singapore Flyer through certain roads. If you are coming by car/taxi, please take note of road closures. If you are coming by bus/mrt, you might want to consider taking this convenient shuttle bus service:

There is a shuttle bus service to the Singapore Flyer that comes every half an hour, from 10am-11pm. The pick-up point is at City Hall MRT (Bus stop between St. Andrew's Cathedral and The Adelphi, along Coleman Street). It will drop you off at the Singapore Flyer Coach Bay. However, it is $2 per head.

For more details, please refer to:

To make things easier, the Singapore Flyer is accessible by foot. From City Hall MRT station, walk through City Link. Look out for signages that will lead you to the Esplanade. From there, come out to the street level. Then, walk in the general direction of the Singapore Flyer. Some Fac Comm members will be stationed there to guide you.

Also, you should have heard about the food eating competition we are having! Each class is encouraged to send a pair to represent them in this food eating competition with a twist! Do come down to cheer your classmates on as well! So far, these are the participants:

A10: Loh Yi Cheng, Lee Kwang Chian
A13: Bertrand Tan, Clement Lin
A16: Cai Jia Sheng, (needs a partner)
s70: Samuel Tan, Daniel Yip
S72: Theodore Pung, Ang Zi Keng
S74: Ong Cheng Siang, Chin Kiat
S76: Larry Lau, Nicole Lim
S7A: Jerrold Au, Dillon Yap

If your class is not represented but you would like to participate, please inform your CT Rep by today! You stand to win prizes so do participate actively! It's all in the name of fun (:

We hope to see you there tomorrow. Space Bar 2009. Cos it's Out of this World!

Love to the moon & back,
Ares Fac Comm 09/10
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